October 2019 Wrap-up!

October just plain sucked. A true dumpster fire. Everything seemed to collapse around me in just a few weeks. I wrote a whole post about what happened and I am not gonna repeat it all here. Just for the sake of my own mental health. Somewhere in this dumpster fire I had a small point... Continue Reading →

Just a few days..

I never realised how impactful just a few days can be. The cold hard truth hit me in the heart just earlier this month and it has been awful. In less than a week I lost my loving grandfather and had to say goodbye to one of my guinea pigs. I have never felt so... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday #2 | October 9th 2019

I wasn't planning on doing two WWW Wednesday's in a row, but I was packing my bag for a weekend at my boyfriend's (and I am going directly after school tomorow), while also digging up all the V.E. Schwab books from boxes to get them signed this Sunday and also attempt to do some homework.... Continue Reading →

6 Witchy Books I Have Read & Loved!

Now that the spooky season has started, I'd like to contribute with recommending some books I loved! In this post I am recommending books with witches and witchy themes! Most people thing about October as Spooky month in the run up to Halloween, but October 31st is also Samhain, one of the witch celebrations throughout... Continue Reading →

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