The BBNYA Reveal!

It has been ten days since we started teasing this project on Twitter (@BBNYA_official) and it has been really fun to see everyone so excited, but also confused and eager to know what is going on. Well, the time has come to finally reveal what this shady business is about... We are proud to introduce... Continue Reading →

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Review | Devil’s Deal by Tessa Hastjarjanto (Infernal Contracts #1)

''When two angels break their deal with the devil, he comes for the one thing they’re trying to protect.'' I have received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This review was meant to be part of a blog tour, but due to personal circumstances I had to postpone... Continue Reading →

My Sinterklaas Haul 2019 – Part 1

Here in the Netherlands we have a tradition called Sinterklaas. Yes, that indeed sounds familiar, as the whole concept of Santa Claus is basically based on Sinterklaas. It's a holiday that goes from about mid-end November to December 5th, which is called ''Presents' Eve''. It's a children's holiday mostly, but us adults do something similar... Continue Reading →

November 2019 Wrap-up!

Can you believe it's December already?! Less than a month left in 2019 and this entire decade and I don't feel like I have my shit properly together to start 2020. Just one month left is a lot of pressure y'all. But after the shitty October I had, a testweek and generally not well, I... Continue Reading →

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