Tag | Life In Books

I gotta be honest here. This tag has been sitting in my drafts for so long, I cannot remember where I got it from. But, it is time to finally do it! As I have been procastination this for so long, I will only use titles I own or have read to make this a... Continue Reading →


The “Get To Know Ya” Tag!

I was tagged by Sam @ SleepySamReads to do this amazing tag! The prompts seem like easy questions, but I feel like these questions actually tell something about you. Anyways, I really enjoyed writing it and I hope others will too! Let's go! P.S.: I linked the reviews of all the books I have read and... Continue Reading →

Versatile Blogger Award

I got nominated by A Little Fool Reads months ago and the draft kinda vanished between the million things I wanted to write. I feel bad for forgetting it, but I am still absolutely honered by the nomination. I never thought anyone would like my content so much that they would include me in these... Continue Reading →

Tag | Three Bookish Things

I saw this tag the other day over at Book Hooked Nook and it seemed really fun to do! So, let's go! I didn't have time or inspiration for a picture of this post, so I snagged a picture from my Instagram with three things in it. Creative right? Three Read Once and Loved Authors... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award

I had only heard of this award once before, but I wasn't a blogger back then so didn't know what it was about. Now that I got nominated myself by BooksFaithLove I realised how precious this award is. It spreads some truly good vibes and I was so happy to see I was nominated, I... Continue Reading →

Tag | Bloodlines Book

I saw this book tag on Jamsu's blog and it seemed fun! I haven't read Bloodlines yet, but she mentioned you can do the tag without doing so. I believe the names related to the questions/statements are characters in the book and it looks amazing! As I don't own the book, I gathered a few... Continue Reading →

Tag | The Bookish A-Z Survey

Yesterday, I was looking for ideas for my blog and by total coincidence I saw Bookdragonism did this tag on her blog and I was like: Yes, this is perfect! I would definitely recommend reading her survey when you are done with mine! (Click here to see her post.) This tag is called The Bookish... Continue Reading →

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