One Week into World of Warcraft Classic…

Today marks one week of Classic WoW! You may remember my hype post about why I was excited for Classic a few weeks back and after a week of playing I can share how my experience is so far! A while before the official launch you could already create your character, mainly to reserve a... Continue Reading →


Review | League of Legends: Ashe – Warmother by Odin Shafer & Nina Vakueva

One day I was scrolling through Twitter and saw that Marvel and Riot Games were about to release a graphic novel. As a big fan of League of Legends, I was instantly very excited! That excitement only grew when the first champion they were covering turnt out to be Ashe, my main ever since I... Continue Reading →

Review | God of War by J.M. Barlog

"When fear seizes you, Atreus, that is the moment you must become fearless." ★★★★✩ I was given this book by Titan Books in exchange of an honest review. I am a gamer and love playing games for their stories. God of War has been on my to-play list ever since the fourth game was announced,... Continue Reading →

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