Blog Tour | Blood Awakens by Jessaca Willis (First Chapter Review)

For this tour I am doing something new: instead of a full review, I am going to talk about just chapter one. This is really interesting to do, as I am reading the rest of the book at some point aswell and I will compare my expectations vs reality.

The start of a book can make or break someone’s interest. This is why publishers hand out samplers on events or post previews on a blog. So, obviously, it is important to start out strong to have the best impact. Let’s talk about the start of Blood Awakens

To be honest, I was really impressed by the first chapter. It was about 13 pages on my eReader and it was so good! It starts with an introduction of the protagonist, his powers and what said powers mean for his place on society. There is a lot of tension in the story right from the start and it had me on edge and immersed so fast! It also seems like this book is taking place in the future, not to near but not too far either, which is interesting.

There is something I dislike so much in fantasy and that is when in the first chapter, everything is still fine. Like, everything is peaceful and the protagonist doesn’t yet know how special they are or whatever. And I was so happy that it wasn’t the case in this book! Though, happy may be a strange word considering what happens in chapter one… Anyway, like I said, there was already some sort of tension at the start, which is great. But then the chapter goes a step further and BAM, something big happens. Something that usually is reserved for a few chapter later or towards the end of the book. It was amazing! This book really started with a bang and I love it.

I really love Willis’ detailed writing style as she writes the details that matter in the moment. For example, she doesn’t tell about the colour of someones clothes when their facial expression holds more value or tries to squeeze in both. Her writing is also very colourful and visual. She really makes you see what’s happening, even when it’s gross or gore-y. (Oh, yeah, content warning: there is so much blood ALREADY.)

It was very hard to not keep reading. But I had to restrain myself so this review wouldn’t be biased by chapter two (or three or four…). I really look forward to reading the whole thing, as this is right up my alley! I will let you all know when I have read the rest later, but for now I can say: pick up your own copy as this is gonna be one hell of a ride!

Blood Awakens is out now!
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People called Sean a blood guide, though he never fully understood why. As far as he knew, he could hear heartbeats and heal people. It wasn’t until he walked in on his brother’s brutal murder that he learned of the darker nature of his power: blood speaks to him, and he to it. With a simple song, he can command it to do whatever he wants, and in that moment, he showed his brother’s murderers no mercy. Now Sean must fight to keep his inner demons in check and his path to redemption begins with the establishment of sanctuary for people like him, people with powers, the Awakened.

Graciela is one of many who did not Awaken, but she’s watched as her brother’s power as an empath—the ability to sense other’s emotions—has brought him to the brink of death. Together, they set across Central America in search of a cure, or at the very least, safety. What they find is a sanctuary called Hope, the same one Sean governs.

But they soon discover that even from within the compounds of the sanctuary, no one is safe. Not when there are people in the world with unimaginable power and insatiable bloodlust

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Author Jessaca Willis

About the author

Jessaca is a fantasy writer, with an inclination toward the paranormal, dystopian, dark, and horror sub genres.

Jessaca studied social work for both her undergrad and graduate degrees and incorporates themes from her education (i.e. systems of oppression, family dynamics, mental health) into her writing. She is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves cosplay, video games, and comics. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner and their human- and fur-babies. She is an amateur trapeze artist (though currently, she’s on hiatus after having a baby).

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